Inviting people to Kin 2.0




  • Jörg

    Prototype 1:

    - Overall felt easy and fast to use.

    - On the welcome/instruction screen - I first though the "Create Group" text was the button, but it was the peachy "Add Group +" button above it.

    - "Finish inviting later" felt more like a 'cancel' to me. Maybe because it was a link, as opposed to an option. But also, if I just want to add a name to a group without inviting them - I wouldn't call it "inviting" - I would call it "adding" - or something like that. So the source of the confusion also had to do with inviting without actually inviting.

    - When choosing contacts - I could already see a list of contacts without pressing the "Access contacts" button - not sure what that button was for when I could already see contacts listed?

    Protoype 2:

    - Made more sense than the first one.

    - Liked the FAB button at the bottom right to add a group - much quicker to spot,

    - The difference between adding an inviting was clearer.

    - I didn't understand though why I needed to send everybody an SMS to invite them to the group. Was that not what all the adding/inviting was about already? Or what did I invite everybody to?

  • Andrew Kithika

    Hello Kins,

    First I love this approach. It warms my heart to know that the Kin-Ship ; ) sails by the breath of our voices. Puns done for the day, here's my feedback:

    Prototype 1

    • The "Start a group" button was not immediately visible, presumably because it's the same colour as one of the images used 
    • Setting the group purpose on the next screen felt like an extra step that could have been bundled with the group name
    • The "add someone" button was rather small and implied that I just needed to add one person (& no more)
    • "Access contacts" triggered my GDPR allergy - a more subtle "add contacts"  could have been better
    • I loved the large "access contacts" button - straight to the point 
    • Adding contacts felt easier here as the list of potential numbers to include appeared just below the existing contacts
    • The difference between adding and inviting was very subtle, took me a sec to figure it out 

    Prototype 2

    • The "start a group" button was very prominent and accessible
    • Adding notes for the group purpose was on the same screen as the group name which was one less step
    • The highlighted card view after creating the group was visually appealing - I liked the large buttons which were a clear indication of what was next
    • "Add people" was a great cue to add more than one person to the group
    • There was a very subtle "+" to add contacts - I much preferred a larger add contact button
    • I liked the small round shaped contact images that appeared at the top while I was adding more contacts
    • I wasn't sure what the small ✓ on the contact image meant after sending the invite (was it invite sent or invite accepted?)
    • Adding Rob at the end was interesting because his number (which I didn't have) showed up.. Is this it? the magic sauce?  : ) 

    Prototype two was my favourite. Looking forward to seeing the final output!

  • Claire Mullins

    Hi Jörg and Andrew, thanks so much for your awesome feedback!  This will be fed back to our designers and we'll evolve the flows with your questions and suggestions in mind.  It was really interesting to see some of the commonalities in your experiences which will directly help us to improve things, such as:

    • Remove unnecessary taps
    • Make the actions you can take on a screen very clear and prominent
    • Highlight the difference between adding people and inviting people much more explicitly
    • Where we use symbols and icons, ensure that their meaning is super-clear

    Thanks again for your thoughtfulness.  We'll keep this thread updated with invite-related developments.   It would be great to hear more from both of you on future iterations.  Have a great weekend!  

  • Alex Forsyth-Thompson

    Prototype 1:

    Much improved flow... Well done! Some thoughts:

    • I love that it tells you who is and isn't on Kin - big improvement.
    • I always forget whether the person being added to the group is being notified by the app, or if you have to send them a notification through a 3rd party message app.
    • Once I've added Nuria's friend, Rob (I think those were the names?), can Nuria (or someone else), complete his information for me? I.e. the 'Rob' I put in is just a placeholder that can be completed by other members? That would be cool and useful. :)

    Prototype 2:

    Also good! Some thoughts:

    • "Add a note" when you set up a group name is a better place to put the group 'purpose', but I personally prefer the term 'description', as opposed to 'note' or 'purpose'.
    • I was confused on the second step - I saw Rob's icon there already like he was in the group, then typed his name and then nothing seemed to happen? Maybe I missed something.
    • I liked the group invite link but did I not add them already? Similar to my question above in italics.
    • Rest of the process was pretty similar and I actually couldn't remember the key difference if I'm honest.
  • Claire Mullins

    Hi Alex!  Thanks so much for your thoughtful feedback.  I've definitely taken note of what you said about not knowing what method is going to be used to send the invite - through the app or via an external app.  I'll feed this back to the designers and see if there's something we can do to smooth out that friction.  Your other points about spots where confusion can creep in really highlight areas we can improve and make the experience crystal-clear.

    I also really liked your idea of anyone being able to add contact details for someone who's been added to the group - I think this is something we can experiment with.  We'll be continually refining inviting (along with everything else in the app :-) ) so we'll take your insights into account as we evolve it.

    Thanks again Alex - really appreciate your time and effort!

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