Invites should be easier

In the works



  • André Helpkin

    We agree Alex. Inviting others to a group should be an effortless experience. You should be able to easily invite people from your contact list, invite others that are already on Kin without having to Whatsapp a link, and also add people to the group that you might want to invite later - all in one seamless experience.

    We're currently working on a new invite flow and hope to make it available in the app pretty soon :)

  • Rolf Wessels

    I could not agree more with this. Can't wait for this feature to come in.

  • André Helpkin

    Hi Alex. We launch Kin Lab yesterday, which is a place here on the community where we play with new ideas, experiment with prototypes, and ask what you think of them.

    The first prototype that we've shared is a new way to invite others to your Kin groups. When you have a moment, it would be really great if you could give the two prototypes a walk-through, and let us know which one you prefer, and why?

    You can find the post here:

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