Currency converter



  • André Helpkin

    Thanks for the suggestion Nic! I can see how that could definitely be useful while travelling.
    We're creating a backlog of all ideas and suggestions for the Kin app, so please keep those ideas coming :)

  • Sarah Blake

    Yes I agree - and it would be ideal to be able to show the item in its original currency, and what it cost converted.

  • Bertus Kock

    The challenge here is if you want to be accurate on how much it really cost you, you need to know how much the rate was when you converted it, not when you made a purchase or do you calculate it when you convert it back on your return? What will work for you Nic ?

  • Nic G

    @Bertus yes it can perhaps keep the group in original currency it was created in, and just add in the ability to add euro's when adding transactions - immediately converting it to rand value at that specific time. I just had to use a calculator each time basically. Another option would be to have both currencies visible when looking at the detail of the transaction, keeping the historical value as when it was marked as paid. 

  • Andrew Kithika

    I've been using it as an expense tracker for a personal project here in Kenya. All my inputs are in Rands though, it would be great if I could change this to Kenya Shillings (KES). 

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